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About the First School Society

Presently, the First School Society is a non-profit corporation managed by a board of eight local volunteers, which meets approximately bi-monthly. The First School Society owns and operates both Palisado Cemetery and Riverside Cemetery.

Perhaps the best snapshot of its founding can be found in the 1935 edition of A New History of Old Windsor, CT by Daniel Howard:

"The society was organized in the Meeting House of the First Society on October 31, 1796. It was voted to raise a tax of one cent on a dollar for schooling. On October 10, 1797 it was voted ‘to Establish the School Districts as they now stand north of Windsor ferry River’ (the Farmington). On October 6, 1856, at the annual town meeting the school society made its final report on the management of the district schools and this management was assumed by the town. Since that date the society’s main duty has been the care of the ancient Burying Ground (i.e. Palisado Cemetery) and the newer Riverside Cemetery.”

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